Anytime Fitness Garland, TX

X-Create Wall Storage

Two single mod X-Create Storage Wall units separated by an existing column.  Both feature storage trays for accessories and Ball & Hanging Extension storage attachments to store hanging mats, various exercise bands, and exercise balls.


X-Create Wall Storage

Two more single mod X-Create Storage Wall units to round out the functional area.  The unit on the right also features a mounted heavy bag for boxing training.  


24' Custom Cable X-Rack

Bordering the functional area and strength free weight area this Custom X-Rack allows gym goers to use one side for functional workouts and the other side for traditional Olympic lifting. 


Store Olympic grip plates and bars, perform pull-ups on a variety of pull-up grips, use 4 individual cable columns, and much more.

Functional Area TANK Zone

Users can train on the TANK M4 in the functional area to increase their speed, endurance, and power across their entire body.


Free Weight Area

Anytime Fitness branded pro-style dumbbells and EZ-Curl barbells in the free weight area.  Stored on our Two Tier Dumbbell Rack and Barbell Rack respectively.

Endless Rope

Mounted on the X-Rack, the Endless Rope is an extremely popular addition that can be mounted to both X-Racks and X-Create to give users some much needed workout variety.  Utilizing magnetic resistance it increase in difficulty as you pull harder.


Ground Rotational Trainer Attachment

Another attachment for X-Racks and X-Create is our Ground Rotational Trainer, more commonly known as a Landmine.  Mounted here to the base of one of the X-Create modules, it is used to perform a variety of exercises used in functional fitness.


Also featured on this X-Create module:

Club Layout

This Anytime Fitness club owner worked with our X-Design Team to customize their layout to maximize their space.  By placing a custom X-Rack on the border of both the functional and strength areas, they maximize the space they have.


Contact our sales team today to get started on your free gym layout.  Our design team and sales staff have years of experience creating cutting edge fitness facilities.