Stat Wellness

Platinum X-RACK Training and Storage

STAT Wellness is a state of the art, unique wellness facility that strives to be your health and wellness home. They offer the best practices of MEDICINE + MOVEMENT, and services designed to work synergistically to empower individuals along their health journey. From unique fitness classes to personalized health coaching, their patients are given the tools they need to change their bodies and lives long term.


To accommodate this wide range of members, Torque worked with Stat Wellness to determine the best mix of fitness equipment that would provide a the most amount of training styles possible from rehabilitation exercises to functional group training to fitness accessory storage.


First, this custom X-Rack comes with ample storage and allows for tons of traditional strength training movements such as squatting, bench pressing, pull-ups and more. 

X-Racks are hardcore systems meant for both Functional and Olympic lifting. X-Racks can be used as a cost-effective solution for suspension training, a replacement for Olympic Benches, a small group training system with a variety of stations, or anything you can dream up.


TANK Training

TANK is the ultimate tool for building an explosive athlete. Users can build speed, increase explosive power, and enhance acceleration using all three levels of Torque's Mag-Force Resistance™.


With an open floor plan for Functional Training in the middle of the room, the TANK M2 was the perfect addition to this club as it adds a wide variety of cardio, mobility, and strength training options with just one piece.

Training Accessories

From traditional training accessories to unique Functional Training accessories like commercial grade resistance bands and Torpedo Bags, Stat Wellness is equipped with a wide variety of training tools to keep their sessions interesting and fun.


Some of the accessories included in this club: