Stealth Air Bike


  • Oversized tube frame construction
  • Hardened alloy steel axels
  • Multi grip handles and 3 axis infinitely adjustable seat
  • Polar HR monitor compatible

The world doesn’t need another air bike. It needs a better one. Torque’s Stealth air bike is just that – the best. Constructed with heavy duty materials including an oversized tube frame, hardened alloy steel axels, a single stage Kevlar belt and more – the Stealth promises to deliver. Whether you’re looking to lock in for the long haul or crush max sprint sets, the Stealth offers a quiet ride that cools you without drying your eyes, as the air diffuser does its job so you can focus on yours. Find your optimal ride position with the 3 axis, infinitely adjustable seat, as well as the multi grip handles.


  • Multi-grip handles to provide flexibility and comfort. The top grip position has 17% more handle range of motion for taller users.
  • A forward shifted handle to enable the user to perform standing sprints and allow for easier entry and exit, leading to quick transitions.
  • A single stage belt drive ensures a smooth and quiet operation and doesn’t require grease or intensive maintenance.
  • The large, removable fan cover allows for easy cleaning and maintenance – and the large paddle wheel fan has fewer surfaces to clean than the typical spoke wheel fans.
  • An air diffuser to slow and redirect air movement towards the user’s body – not their eyes.
  • Durable, commercial quality construction that’s suited for a club or consumer that won’t quit. Ever.


sku AB-TS-T800
Dimensions (L x W x H) 54.5” x 24.8” x 52.8” (1384 mm x 630 mm x 1341 mm)
Weight (handles only) 132 lb (60 kg)
Warranty 10 year frame/3 year mechanical parts and electronics