14 X 7 Monkey Bar Storage - X1 Package


    Combining 4 Olympic Lifting Stations, Monkey Bars, Olympic Weight Storage, Functional Accessory Storage, and various Functional Accessory stations, the 14 X 7 Monkey Bar Storage - X1 Package is designed to provide a complete gym solution.

    This is the only X-RACK that includes both Monkey Bars and Storage for weight and accessories. Multiple athletes are able to train at a time doing a variety of exercises. Any portion of this rig package can be customized with any of our available X-RACK Options. Contact us to customize!



Whether you are a new fitness facility or an existing club looking to re-layout your floor plan to accommodate a new training style, Torque's X-DESIGN Team process will help bring your vision to life.


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Torque Fitness is committed to making your product last a lifetime. With over 40 years of design experience, we manufacture our innovative products with only premium quality materials and heavy-duty commercial grade steel.


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