Endless Rope Trainer


  • Magnetic, bidirectional resistance mechanism that automatically increases with pulling speed
  • 4 levels of adjustable resistance
  • 1.25in double braided nylon and polyester rope
  • Pivoting roller design
  • Patent Pending

A force to be reckoned with.

Crafted for unlimited performance, Torque’s Endless Rope uses innovative magnetic force resistance to enable competitive bi-directional movements, promising a limitless rope trainer challenge. Fabricated for functionality and durability, XERT is double-braided and wrapped around pivoting, adjustable rollers to ensure practical performance.

Experience undeniable training.

The Endless Rope attachment compliments individual and group fitness regimens. Sleek design, four selectable resistance settings. A novel rope trainer incorporating the Magnetic Force Resistance you know and love into a durable, double-braided rope. A faster pull delivers a more difficult resistance challenge.

The XERT is built with a removable lanyard to safely optimize resistance adjustments when the rope trainer is mounted at significant height. A pivoting roller feature minimizes flexion to create a massive opportunity for training. Consistent resistance throughout training - in all directions and angles. Built for nearly all fitness facilities, the Endless Rope trainer machine is a unique attachment compatible with X-RACK, X-SIEGE, X-LAB, X-CREATE, X-CAGE, X-GYM and other manufacturer uprights. 

Patent pending for this uniquely crafted design.


sku XERT
DIMENSIONS (L X W X H) 17" x 10" x 16" (43 cm x 25 cm x 41 cm)
WEIGHT 45 lbs (21 kg)
WARRANTY 10 year frame and welds/1 year parts


How would this work in a basement gym with low ceilings?

The Endless Rope will work with any height, but is most compatible with mounting height over 6ft.

What can the XERT be mounted to?

The XERT can be bolted to most Torque Fitness products as well as other manufacturer's equipment. Specifically, Torque equipment: X-CREATE (top of 8U or 2S8U upright with X-CREATE-AE, to the side of any 7’ X-CREATE upright and larger, or to any bridge, any X-RACK or X-SIEGE, any X-GYM Wall racks (except 1.0), X-GYM HSR. For other, non-Torque equipment: It can be clamped to any tube as large as 6” x 6”. Meaning it would clamp to a 3 x 3” tube, 3 x 4” tube all the way up to 6” x 6”.

How much resistance?

The XERT uses the same Mag-Force Technology™ Resistance as the TANK™. This means the faster the rope is pulled, the more difficult the resistance training becomes. Optimized for all athletic abilities, resistance is adjustable into three different levels.

Can you elaborate on the Endless Rope cost?

Our design & engineering teams extensively examined the market while creating the Endless Rope, with a goal to bring the best featured product available at a cost-effective price. We believe our team accomplished this with the only adjustable resistance trainer using pivoting rollers on the market priced 30-45% lower than our competitors at $1095 with free shipping.

What is the ideal mounting height?

Any height will be challenging, training different body parts. To mimic traditional rope climbing, we recommend mounting the Endless Rope trainer at approximately 6ft. or higher. The Endless Rope can be mounted in a space with low ceilings because pulling can be done with an athlete sitting or kneeling.

Can it be connected with pins to be removed/movable?

At this time, when the Endless Rope Trainer is bolted, it is not adjustable.

Is this for home gym or commercial spaces?

Both! Commercial quality at home and training in every type of facility. The Endless Rope Trainer is available for any home/garage gym space as well as in-stock for commercial spaces.