4 Ft (1.2 M) Slam Ball Package


  • 5 Slam Balls
  • Fills one X-CREATE storage tray
  • Customizable

Our 4 Foot Slam Ball package comes with 5 Slam Balls a piece and will fill one storage tray of an X-CREATE. To learn more about the Slam Balls included in this package, visit the Slam Ball product page.

If you need different sizes than what is available in this package, just contact us and we will create a package size custom-tailored to your needs. This X-CREATE Accessory package are designed to fill one tray with functional accessories that can be used in your gyms functional area.


Package 1 (X4SBP-KG) contains 1 of each of the following:

  • 6 kg Slam Ball - SKU: SBT-06KG
  • 9 kg Slam Ball - SKU: SBT-09KG
  • 12 kg Slam Ball - SKU: SBT-12KG
  • 15 kg Slam Ball - SKU: SBT-15KG
  • 20 kg Slam Ball - SKU: SBT-20KG


    sku X4SBP-KG
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