Assault AirRunner


  • Only 33" wide and super light
  • Customizable Programming with AirRunner Console
  • Slat belt running surface which lasts up to 150,000 miles
  • No electrical consumption  
  • *Ships in 24 Business Hours
  • The Assault AirRunner is completely powered by your energy and non-motorized. Using no electricity, the AirRunner has a much lower carbon footprint than traditional treadmills.

    Being only 33" wide, the AirRunner is the lightest on the market. Light and portable, you can easily transport the AirRunner anywhere using the wheels on the bottom of the treadmill.

    Designed with HIIT training in mind, you will burn more calories during your workout than ever before with the Assault AirRunner. The console tracks time, speed, calories burned, distance, watts, and heart-rate to give you the most concise data on your workout.

    Made to last, the Assault AirRunner is built with steel frames and handrails, as well as corrosion resistant hardware. The slat belt running surface allows athletes to run up to 150,000 miles.

    Take your cardio to the new heights with the super light Assault AirRunner.


    Dimensions 69.9" x 32.8" x 64"