VSFIB Flat/Incline Bench

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    The latest flat-to-incline bench innovation from Torque is built to last in a facility or in a garage. Constructed with non-skid rubber feet, but light enough to maneuver with just one hand, this nimble bench won't go anywhere until you tell it to. The tapered seat edges make for comfortable usage that stands up to time, reps, and sets. Use in a rig, rack, or cage with a barbell, or as a standalone piece with dumbbells.



    Exercise benches play a crucial role in any fitness regimen, serving as versatile and essential equipment in commercial gym settings. Our VSFIB Flat/Incline Benches provide a stable platform for a wide range of exercises, including bench presses, dumbbell workouts, and core-strengthening exercises like sit-ups and leg raises. They not only enhance the effectiveness of workouts by enabling users to target specific muscle groups but also promote proper form and safety during exercises.