Non-Logo'd Black Bumper Plates


  • 10, 25, 35, and 45 lbs
  • Bumper weight plates
  • Long-lasting
  • Dead bounce

Available in 10 lb, 25 lb, 35 lb, and 45 lb, our non-logo'd black rubber bumper plates provide a dead bounce and easy weight identification. The reinforced steel molded-in hubs are coated with a proprietary material that forms a chemical bond with the rubber that prevents separation. The center hole is sized to fit all standard Olympic size barbells and will maintain its shape over time. This is an economy bumper plate designed for home gym use. The 10lb plate is thinner than the other plates and should not be dropped by itself.

The plates may have a sheen present on them that protects the rubber during transportation. It can easily be removed with dish soap and a rag.

Model number/weight:

  • BPBR-10 10 lbs
  • BPBR-25 25 lbs
  • BPBR-35 35 lbs
  • BPBR-45 45 lbs
Sold with our home gym packages


sku BPTR
Available Weights 10LBS, 25LBS, 35LBS, 45LBS
Inner Diameter 2.0 in (50.8 mm)
Material Natural Rubber and Styrene Butadiene Rubber
Hub Stainless Steel Hub w/ reinforcement rods to prevent wear/seperation
Warranty 1 Year (90 days on 10 lb plates)