TANK™ M1 Wheelbarrow Handles

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    The TANK™ M1 Wheelbarrow Handles are a specially designed accessory to increase TANK movement options. These storable handles allow for performance of exercises such as carries and shrugs. Wheelbarrow handles also make it easier to maneuver, lift, and spin the M1 in any direction and have color matched, textured paint and debossed tubing for better gripBuild muscle and explosive power as you expand your TANK training, but Don't Quit. Ever.

    *For wall mounted storage, see the XTM1-WMSS



The Torque TANK M1 Wheelbarrow Handles Attachment is a versatile and functional addition to the Torque TANK M1 sled, elevating its usability and expanding the range of exercises that can be performed. These ergonomic wheelbarrow handles provide a secure grip and allow users to transform the sled into a dynamic piece of equipment for exercises like wheelbarrow carries. Whether used for cardio workouts, strength training, or both, this attachment enhances the versatility of the Torque TANK M1 sled, making it an essential tool for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and trainers looking to add variety and challenge to their fitness programs.