X-RACK & X-SIEGE Custom Laser Cut Signage


  • Laser Cut Signs
  • Make Your Facility Stand Out
  • Full X-RACK or X-SIEGE Customization
  • Available in 2 Size Options (4 Ft and 6 Ft)
  • Available in 5 colors (Platinum, Red, Blue, Orange, & Storm Grey)

Improve the look and feel of a facilities' X-RACK or X-SIEGE with custom signs. Add any company name, logo, or tagline onto the top of a system with custom signage designed to make your facility and brand stand out from the crowd. Provide us with fonts and our engineers will work to refine them.

Start with either a 4 Ft. or 6 Ft. sign bracket depending on the size of your X-RACK or X-SIEGE. Then choose your laser cut lettering and color for those sign brackets. Laser cut lettering signs are offered in our 5 standard colors: High Wear Red, Blue, Orange, Platinum and Storm Grey. Backing plates are always Storm Grey.

Reach out to us for more info and expert advice on how to customize your X-RACK or X-SIEGE. We can help determine which signage is right for your high-performance rigs and racks.


Sizes 4 Ft. and 6 Ft.
Color Options Platinum, Red, Blue, Orange, Storm Grey