Fuel Personal Training
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Fuel Personal Training

Bedford, NH

Relentless in our mission to help fitness facility owners deliver maximum results.

Our X-Design™️ Team worked hand-in-hand with Fuel Personal Training to create a custom space that would empower a wide range of members to become better, stronger athletes.

Our team focused on optimizing space with functional tools to keep members engaged. Starting with their ideas, we created an initial layout and worked forward from there, making revisions along the way and ending in a 3D layout.

We brought the digital vision to life. Combining X-CREATE Squat Racks & X-CREATE Storage for Kettlebells along with Dumbbell racks to maximize the space with plenty of storage to create an optimal training experience.

X-CREATE Functional Systems. Our X-CREATE systems have customizable modules with storage for a variety of accessories. Fuel added both X-CREATE accessory storage as well as X-CREATE squat racks to keep all those accessories off the floor and provide a safe environment for their members.

Functional Meets Cardio. Fuel Personal Training paired their functional training space with both a TANK®️ M4 and a Stealth Air™️ Bike.

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