X-RACK Systems Merge Functional & Strength Training

The X-RACK is designed to elevate training zones with multi-station training- joining racks, cable units, and cross-training stations into one seamless fitness system.


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X-RACK is a feature-packed functional rack system designed from the ground up to offer customization to meet the needs of modern training facilities. Custom heights, lengths, depths, colors and accessories offer an almost limitless number of options for your training space.

  • Fully Customizable
  • Weight & Accessory Storage
  • Olympic Lifting & Cable Stations
  • Expandable Attachments & Accessories
  • Floor Mounted
  • Space Efficient Design
  • Small or Large Group Training

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Torque Fitness X-RACK

A hardcore system designed for both Functional and Olympic lifting. X-RACK can be used as a cost-effective solution for suspension training, a replacement for Olympic Benches, a small group training system with a variety of stations, or anything you can dream up.


With Torque Fitness, every product line is fully customizable to maximize your facilities potential and to fit perfectly within your allotted space specifications.


Torque Fitness is committed to making your product last a lifetime. With over 40 years of design experience, we manufacture our innovative products with only premium quality materials and heavy-duty commercial grade steel.


At Torque Fitness, customer service is more than just providing great customer care. It’s about providing solutions to customers at every step along their journey in fitness.

True Commercial Quality

Commercial quality is determined by the user. Torque uses only heavy duty 3x3 11-gauge steel construction with laser cut slots for a precision fit. Our industry-leading structural stability is achieved with through-plate welded construction and tongue & groove bar catches.

  • Heavy duty 3”x 3” 11-gauge steel
  • Laser cut holes for a precise fit
  • Through-plate welded construction for extra stability
  • Tongue & Groove bar catches

Industry-Leading Finish

We use a 5mm proprietary blend powder coat ensuring a thick and shiny, long-lasting premium finish.

  • Thicker 5 mm. powder coat vs. 2 mm.
  • Proprietary powder blend for superior grip and longevity
  • Provides a tight, thick and shiny color coat
  • 5 color options at no additional cost

Cross System Compatibility

Whatever your vision, our cross-system compatibility provides you the flexibility to incorporate many of our X-SERIES product lines.

  • Compatibility with many different modules and attachments

Aesthetic Integrity

Torque Fitness wants aesthetics to co-exist with uncompromised steel integrity. We limit unneeded holes in favor of a laser-cut interior facing slot design.

  • More steel than any other competitor
  • Less holes to compromise integrity
  • Clean, aesthetically pleasing interior facing slot design

The X-DESIGN Team Process



We need to know three things:

  • The number of people, on average, you expect to work out at your gym at a given time
  • The type of exercises you envision your members doing
  • The dimensions of your workout space

An architectural compliance sketch is the best way to share the exact measurements of your space with us. If you don’t have access to one, you can send in a blueprint, a floor plan, written measurements, or even a doodle.

Once you send us your information, an X-Design Team representative will reach out to you promptly. 



Once you receive your 2D mockup, it’s time to refine your design. Think of this as the “rough draft” stage. This is the perfect time to get all your input and questions out on the table so our team can make sure we are meeting your needs.

Once you send us your information, an X-Design Team representative will reach out to you promptly. Based on the conversation, we’ll create a 2D sketch of your gym layout.

Using your input from the 2D mockup, our designers will use industry-leading software to create a 3D rendering of your gym. Final layout is meant to look as realistic as possible, so you can truly envision how your gym will look and feel. 



After you settle on your 3D design concept, we’ll send you the design and a list of the proposed Torque Fitness products and their price points. (You set your budget, and we’ll stick to it. We only include products in your design that match your concept and fit your price range.)

We encourage you to reach out to our team if you have any questions about our product list or to learn more about our products.

With our exceptionally fast turnaround, we can deliver the selected products and you can implement your design scheme in under two weeks.

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