How to Create the Ultimate Performance Training Area
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How to Create the Ultimate Performance Training Area


When people come to your facility to pursue their fitness and training goals, you want them to see it as the ultimate place to realize their full potential. This means bringing forth exciting workout experiences that enhance their life outside of their workout. Over the last decade, the shift in fitness has moved toward a life-long and life-enhancing approach by incorporating community and functional training to the workout experience, putting to rest the days of boring, temporary fitness routines spent on treadmills. In order to gain and retain members, fitness facilities must embrace the surge of functional training happening all around them. With its undeniable rise in popularity, many facility owners understand the importance of incorporating functional training into their facility, but wonder where to even begin when it comes to planning an entirely new layout to incorporate the equipment needed to meet this demand.


From outdated exercises like step aerobics and crunches to the now-loved kettlebell swings and suspension strap training, the type of workout consumers seek has evolved significantly and the demand for functional training shows no signs of slowing down.

Take, for example, the new category of gyms that has been created in the last couple of years that is Functional Boutique Gyms. These facilities could be considered the extreme version of functional training, as they focus solely on functional movements and equipment. These facilities also do a great job of providing a community aspect to facilities that creates a positive sense of belonging and motivates members to show up. Traditional facility owners must understand the importance of providing this type of training in a way that makes sense for their facility and member demographics. Traditional facilities can also use functional training to their advantage by designing classes and group training around it, increasing revenue and service offerings from the facility.


One of the reasons for this rise in popularity is that many of the benefits can be seen and felt, increasing individual’s overall quality of life and performance in day-to-day activities. In comparison to standard strength training, which focuses more on training isolated muscle groups, functional training develops muscles to work together by simulating real-life movements. Because functional training incorporates the full body, it can not only help individuals increase total-body strength, but also realize improvements in tasks like hauling groceries or playing recreational sports with friends or family. Functional training is also a great way to prevent injury, as the body’s muscles become stronger and conditioned to perform the movements done in real life, therefore reducing the risk of tearing a muscle when doing daily activities like squatting to pick up a child. As exercise science progresses and more of the benefits are understood, members will continue to look for opportunities to train functionally and will seek out facilities that best cater to this need. Resource: lifestyle indepth functional-fitness


Creating a space that meets this demand and motivates members requires equipment that delivers functional training solutions, colors that complement the facility’s space and brand, and a layout which flows in a way that creates a pleasant experience for members as they move through their workout. This space should excite employees and members alike to always come back for more, with the promise of new and exciting workout experiences each time. While this dream facility may seem out of reach, it is not. In fact, the process of design can be one that is inspiring, enjoyable, and without cost.

X-TEAM Design 3D Layout. See more concepts and designs at


Achieving this space all starts with the facility’s vision and Torque Fitness’ X-TEAM Design. This team is dedicated to creating the perfect functional and performance training layout for each customer and has created thousands of layouts, each completely unique, taking into account the size and desires of the facility, the clientele, the number of members the customer wants to train, the brand image, and more.

The first step in the process of creating the ultimate performance training area is simply sending Torque space plans or room dimensions and training goals for the facility. Then, X-TEAM design goes to work creating a customized layout with these wants in mind and sends you a 2-D layout, fully equipped with Torque products.

Next, the customer reviews the layout and has the ability to give feedback on what he or she would change or keep in order to create the perfect space. For example, the facility owner might like to see their space with racks and rigs, more storage racks, or a TANK zone with turf. X-TEAM DESIGN takes that feedback and creates a new 2-D layout. Once the customer is excited about the 2-D layout, X-TEAM DESIGN creates a 3-D layout for the customer, bringing the vision to life by showing color, graphics, branding, and more.

After the customer approves this design, Torque Fitness provides the timing and logistics of the products, which ship to the customer directly from Torque’s U.S based warehouse within 10 days. The customer has the option of utilizing Torque’s white glove service to receive the products and then install, or completely eliminate any guess work and have a full product install done in their facility. When facility owners understand the importance of incorporating functional performance training into their facility and utilize X-TEAM Design as a resource to do so, the possibilities that exist in creating the perfect space are virtually endless.

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