How to Transform Your Unused Space
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How to Transform Your Unused Space

Repurposing Unused Raquetball Courts to Increase Club Revenue

Have you ever heard a club owner complain about having too much space? Neither have we.

No matter what type of facility you manage, space is money and staying current, organized, and increasing memberships is likely on your priority list, and of the biggest opportunities to create more value is simply transforming an outdated and unused space.

So why do so many operators and owners let 800 sq. ft of potential just sit empty when it could be used to reinvigorate a space?

This empty space we’re talking about is racquetball courts. Although racquetball had its moment of popularity, especially in the 1970s and 1980s, it has been on the decline since and many facility managers are finding themselves feeling stuck and unsure of what to do with the empty space.

The fitness industry is more competitive than ever which means providing your members with the most premium experience, equipment and space is more imperative, and its safe to say that while an unused room does not create an energizing and unique experience for your members, it does create an awesome opportunity for transformation for your facility. Rest assured, there are endless ways you can turn this unused 800 sq. ft into the main attraction for your members.

How to Transform an Unused Racquetball Court into a Group Training Revenue Stream

You’ve identified an underutilized space, carved out a budget and a timeline, and you’re ready for change, but the question stands: what do I even do with this space?

As Space Solution Specialists, we recommend embracing trends over fads. An applicable example of a fad would be a very specific type of group workout that is hot now but doesn’t have staying power or much flexibility to evolve, such as an aerial yoga studio, which caters to a very niche audience and can only be used for very specific training instances.

Instead, consider creating a space that is versatile and allows for a range of users, different types of workout styles, and classes. For most fitness facilities we recommend setting up the space to accommodate Group Functional Training, as it offers the most variety of training options, group sizes and capabilities, and has the most staying power.

As group training continues to gain popularity, more and more health clubs are recognizing the need for additional training space to accommodate versatile workouts for a range of group sizes, and this makes converting a racquetball court a perfect opportunity.

A standard racquetball court is is approximately 800 sq. ft, which allows for a variety of Functional Training layouts and endless training options. As Functional Training Space Solution Specialists, we suggest that an 800 sq. ft training zone can accommodate a group of 8, plus a trainer, opening the door to a whole new world or group training for your facility. By utilizing the right mix of equipment, we can help you maximize your space and create a fun and dynamic environment that breathes new life into your facility.

Unlike traditional pieces of equipment such as selectorized machines, bars and bumper plates, etc., functional training accessories are the perfect option for a smaller group training space as each of the tools in the following list take up very minimal amounts of space while providing endless training options. Aim to include pieces that offer a wide variety of usage and are intuitive to the end user. Some tools that fit this criterion are:

  • Slam Balls
  • Medicine Balls
  • Wall Balls
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Stability Balls
  • Combat Bags
  • Suspension Training Straps
  • Pull-up Bars
  • Suspension Training Bars

Incorporating a versatile piece of cardio equipment like the TANK push sled will also help provide more variety to group training sessions and pique interest from members by adding in a fun and unique product. The TANK is perfect for a converted racquetball court as the tires accommodate all surfaces, so it will not only work on your racquetball court but it can also be wheeled to other areas of the gym or even outside for a fun outdoor group training session.

How to Get Started

Using your ideas as inspiration, our designers will draw on their expertise to design an effective gym layout within the physical parameters of your space. As your partner, we will provide guidance at every stage of the process to help you develop a user-friendly gym floor plan that utilizes your space efficiently, flows naturally and incorporates the custom equipment you’ve always envisioned.

The X-Design Team process is a free service — quick, easy and painless from start to finish. Share with us any ideas you might have for your gym space and leave the rest to us.

Creating a functional training space in your facility is not only necessary and attainable, but it will also be beneficial for your members and the overall feel it gives your space.

Need more guidance in designing your training space?

For a free and custom functional training floor plan, contact X-TEAM Design at Torque Fitness at To learn more about X-CREATE view more here or call (763) 754-7533.

FAQ for Gym Design

Q: Can Torque help create a modern office gym or corporate office gym design?
A: Yes! Our x design team can help transform any unused corporate office space.

Q: What lifting rack system do you recommend for a fitness club design?
A: We recommend our x rack or x siege olympic lifting racks for the perfect lifting rack system within your fitness club design.

Q: Does Torque offer gym storage system options for my functional gym space?
A: Yes. We believe it is important to include gym storage options together with our funtional training systems. Our x create product line wraps functional training and storage into one compact system with a small space footprint.

Q: Is the TANK workout sled available for commercial gym spaces?
A: Yes! We recommend adding our TANK push sled to any home gym design or commercial gym design for the perfect sled push workout.

Q: Do you offer a full dumbbell set for my new gym layout?
A: We carry a full commercial-grade dumbbell set for use in either a commercial or home gym setting. Our x design team can help convert your unused gym space with dumbbell sets and corresponding storage.