Introducing Cable Technology Jungles
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Introducing Cable Technology Jungles


Everyone wants their members to progress and work toward functional training where the real benefits lie. Cable training is the natural next step from fixed axis body supported machines.

With Torque Cable Technology, the users body is still fully supported, but they guide the motion. This allows for an intermediate stage between user stabilize – user defined motion found in your revenue generating small group training classes.

Cable training systems aren’t new, but the wrench that Torque put on it was packaging them into customizable multi-stack jungle configurations. This allows facilities with very little room the ability to add a complete circuit.


We refer to this fitness progression as Torque Training Logic and the diagram below shows Cable Technology as being part of this progression. When a user is ready to move on from fixed path motion found in single stations, Cable Technology is the next bridge. As the user pushes or pulls with cables, they now need to use stabilizer muscles to guide the path. With the MJCT1 shown above, these movements are all done with the users body stabilized while seated. However, with 360 degree rotating pulleys, users can also perform single arm movements off to the side while standing, thereby activating their core at the same time.


Because of space efficiency, Cable Technology Jungles are a great solution for Multi-Family Training Spaces. Clear exercise placards provide intuitive instruction and no adjustments make them easy for anyone to use. Any user can just get on and go and complete a complete circuit workout in very little time.


With full commercial build quality, Torque Jungles are suitable for any high use facility. 4, 5 or 8 Stack Jungles allow a facility to offer cable training without purchasing an entire new single station line. This helps them allocate any extra space they have to functional training systems like our X-Lab and X-Racks.


Facilities can customize the Jungles with any of the following stations and put any combination they want on each side.

  • Triceps Press
  • Adjustable Pulley
  • Core
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Seated Row
  • Chest Press
  • Shoulder Press

Five and eight stack units are joined together with a multi-grip pull-up cross. To view all of our standard configurations click here or contact us to customize one for your facility.