Keeping Fitness Equipment Clean During and After COVID-19
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Keeping Fitness Equipment Clean During and After COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought to light the importance of keeping fitness equipment and health clubs as clean and disinfected as possible. Here are some steps that clubs can take to help do their part to keep fitness equipment disinfected and fitness facilities a healthy place for all.

Some of these are long-term strategies for keeping fitness equipment disinfected and clubs clean for life, and others are ideas for tactics that are more extreme that health club or fitness facility operators could consider using for the short-term to help re-open their club and ramp things back up.

  • Always encourage members to wash their hands before, during and after workouts

  • Consider disinfecting gym member’s bottoms of shoes before entering a fitness facility (many people touch the floor while doing burpees, push-ups, etc)

  • Offer non-alcohol based hand sanitizer in key areas as these are effective at disinfecting while also help keep the integrity of the fitness equipment in your facility

  • Ask that members not spit on their hands to get a better grip on any piece of exercise equipment including ropes or bars

  • Avoid touching or wiping your face and ask the same for members

  • Ask members to consider wearing gloves while training

  • Consider letting in a minimal amount of people at a time to help with social distancing and to allow your staff time to clean equipment

  • Appoint staff to rotate cleaning equipment throughout the day

  • Move the check-in process to touch-free by using a scanning system

  • Take 20-30 minute breaks between sessions to allow for cleaning

Health clubs can also consider incorporating group training with small groups of people spread out in individual training ‘modules’ to help with social distancing and keeping fitness equipment as clean as possible. We have a variety of product configurations that you could use to help achieve this. If interested contact our in-house free design team or learn more here: