Plyo box safety or how I learned to love the foam plyo box
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Plyo box safety or how I learned to love the foam plyo box


If you have been around plyo boxes, you probably have seen someone or yourself miss a jump with the bloody shins (at the least) to show for it. Although an effective tool for building strength, endurance and explosiveness, wooden and steel plyo boxes have caused countless injuries in health clubs, schools and performance facilities across the world. The pictures below show evidence to this.

Ouch! Swing and Miss!

The problems usually arise from three things; the person makes the jump but doesn’t land perfectly in the center and the box tips, the person doesn’t quite make the jump and their shins scrape against the sharp corners, or the person makes the jump but the surface is slick and their feet slide out from under them.

While soft-sided or foam plyo boxes have been around for a while, and would seem to address some of these issues, Torque reimagined them from the inside out.

Most foam plyo boxes available use a single piece open cell foam construction. These produce a box that is light in weight and that deforms easily. These work well when someone lands right in the middle of them, but if they land off center, especially in the corners, the box tends to crush and because of the light weight, they will tip. This problem is compounded when stackable plyos are used together. Torque’s solution to this was to engineer a molded dense foam core that provides stiffness to prevent crushing and increases weight for stability. The outer layer then provides the necessary give that absorbs impact and protects someone in the case of a miss. The difference is evident in the weight. The Torque TRIPLEPLYO weighs 57 lbs. and the combined weight of the four boxes in the PLYOSTACK come in at almost 200 lbs.!

Unfinished wooden boxes under most conditions provide sufficient friction and grip with athletic shoes. Most foam boxes, covered in vinyl on all sides, can get very slippery when they get wet from sweat or water bottles. The Torque TRIPLEPLYO and PLYOSTACK boxes all use 30 ounce mildew resistant expanded vinyl that provides an excellent non-skid landing surface under any conditions.

Torque’s digitally printed graphics make the height callouts both in inches and centimeters are easily legible and also bring color and vibrancy to your functional area.

Plyo boxes are a tremendous training tool. Besides the customary stationary jump, they are used for step-ups, lateral jumps, approaching jumps, reverse dips, and inverted push-ups, just to name a few of the variations and other functional movements.

To sum this all up, Torque’s TRIPLEPLYO and PLYOSTACK allow users to reap the benefits of plyometric box training by using functional innovation and safety like nothing else available.