The Benefits of Rowing Exercises for Baseball with Logan Shore
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The Benefits of Rowing Exercises for Baseball with Logan Shore

The Most Effective Movements for Baseball Training

Protecting the rotator cuff, strengthening the core and back, and perfecting form are key focuses in baseball training, and are aspects of training that become especially crucial when pitching around 94 miles per hour. Logan Shore, newly signed pitcher in the Oakland A’s league system weighs in on some of the movements he finds most effective for baseball training.

Rowing exercises produce great movement of the core and rib cage, while simultaneously strengthening the upper back. Rowing movements can also help protect the rotator cuff while building strength around it, helping prevent future injury. Because TANK resists the athlete’s efforts to accelerate and run faster, athletes engage more muscles for a full-body workout.

"Rows are awesome for a baseball athlete. Because our back muscles are what we are working the most when we pitch, that is where we really want to be strongest. Being able to get in the position of a pitch follow through using TANK and doing the row movement is extremely effective."

– Logan Shore

For more specifics on his training program, Logan explains, “I use TANK every single day. I use it for a warm-up and also as a workout finisher. What I love most about TANK is how functional it is, especially as it pertains to baseball.” As one can see in Logan’s TANK training video, TANK is especially unique when it comes to the variety of rowing exercises athletes can do on it. Using TANK alone, athletes can pull it toward them as they step backward, engaging their lower body, arms, chest, and back. Athletes can also use TANK TEAM TRAINER accessories such as v-straps to explosively pull TANK toward them and build chest strength, the harness to engage the back and leg muscles, and battle ropes to strengthen arm muscles and cardiovascular shape.

As Shore explains, training on TANK as opposed to a stationary cable machine engages the entire body and is more applicable to game-day movements. If you are a baseball coach, strength and conditioning coach, baseball athlete, or anyone wanting to strengthen their entire body and increase athletic performance, consider incorporating rows into your training program. As the only All Surface Sled, TANK can be used on any surface and with any breed of athlete.