Torque IHRSA 2016 Highlights
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Torque IHRSA 2016 Highlights

We couldn’t have asked for a better two days than we had at IHRSA 2016. Our staff went home exhausted, hoarse, and with a lot of follow up to do – which is part of the reason this is getting out two weeks late. To all of you who stopped by, we want to thank-you for making such a fantastic show, and for anyone who missed it, here are some of the highlights. If you don’t care to read, scroll to the bottom for video action from our booth.

Unmatched in excitement, was the debut of TANK. Never before have we had so many people trying a product at the show. It made for both a crowded booth and the isles around. Mental note, next year go bigger. Men, women, kids and even a service dog all had smiles on their faces as they pushed or pulled TANK and felt the resistance ramp up as they increased their speed. (Ok, the dog didn’t actually push it, but did go for a ride in the XGAS anchor station/basket option.)

With our X-Racks – we showed a new 4’ x 10’ Cable Component Configuration that featured monkey bars, two lifting stations, our new X-Rack platforms as well as new accessory storage rails and a bar catch option that turns an X-Rack into a power rack. More on the latter two as they will be coming out later this year.

Our new Triple Half Cage represented our X-Cage category. X-Cages differ from X-Racks in that they include a self-supporting base. The X1 package floored included ground rotational stations, X-Cage Platforms, soft-sided Tripleplyos, and our new dip/step/attachment anchor.

For selectorized, we brought our M8 Circuit line – Chest Press, Seated Row, Shoulder Press, Lat Pulldown, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Abdominal, and Leg Press. We talked about the logic behind the full body circuit that this eight piece line delivers and how it can be used to progress individuals toward functional training. The line was configured in our linear back to back configuration displaying the small footprint needed for the circuit.

After years of silver and grey, we brought some pop to our booth with our newly launched Illusion Orange color option for our X-Labs. The X-Lab was also new – the X-Lab Monkey – X2 package, which is a wall space unit featuring resistance band stations, two cable component stations, six accessory trays, dip station, plyo, ball target, ground rotational trainer, and of course monkey bars.

Lastly, we also had on hand our new Cable Technology Jungle MJ4CT1. The CT1 is an upper body quad featuring cable motion chest, shoulder, lat pull, and seated row movements for commercial spaces with limited space. The four stack shown can be customized with other stations or grown into a 5-stack, 8-stack, or 12-stack unit.

You can be the judge if the Frog is “the next big thing in fitness” (we tend to think TANK takes that honor), but we were impressed with a guy wearing a Frog t-shirt who stacked two of our new foam Tripleplyo’s onto each other and landed a one-step 60” Plyo jump!

The show was capped off once again with a super fantastic Augie’s Bash where we had the opportunity to once again be part of such an amazing event and spend more time with all the great people in our industry.