Where Love Meets Hate
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Where Love Meets Hate

Expanding the All Surface Sled Category with the All-New TANK M4

Imagine a workout so dynamic that it leaves the athlete completely exhausted, pushed to a limit they didn't believe they could reach, yet simultaneously feeling like they want more, walking away saying "Man, that was brutal, but I loved it."

That's the phenomenon the TANK brought to the market. First in the line of the All Surface Sled category, the TANK M2 by Torque Fitness transformed people and fitness environments.

In the spring of 2016 the M2 rolled out as a solution to the many pitfalls of traditional friction push sleds. With four wheels that took your workout anywhere and a brake system that increased the sled's difficulty the faster you pushed it, there had never been anything like it.

Since its release, fitness icons, movie stars, professional athletic teams, adaptive training athletes, and average joes have embraced the TANK to a unique level. And while the demographics of TANK fans are widespread, their feedback on the TANK is not. Take a quick scroll through the TANK Community Facebook Group, a private social page that hosts hundreds of TANK owners and fanatics, and you will see user generated content with captions and comments like: "Those sleds are miserable. They’re built for physiological and psychological destruction. I’m addicted to them." or, "The TANK is brutal, but my clients LOVE it!".


Thanks to TANK’s Mag-Force Resistance™, the faster you push it, the harder it gets. That means user’s will never plateau when training on the TANK, no matter how advanced they are.

Or take it from Mark Bell, an American professional powerlifter, owner of Super Training Gym, and former professional wrestler, whose best lifts in competition include a 1,080 lb squat, and a 578 lb bench press, among other numerous strength accolades. You will often see Bell and his team condition on the TANK at his fitness facility, which stands as a mecca for fitness fanatics and influencers like Tim Ferriss. On the TANK, Bell says, "The TANK from Torque Fitness is by far the most devastating piece of conditioning equipment I've ever run into in my life." If it's devastating for Mark Bell, one can bet it's devastating for the rest of us.

Mark Bell TANK

Mark Bell, owner of Super Training Gym and host of the PowerCast Podcast, training on his TANK outside his facility.

The TANK creates a truly unique love/hate relationship that is not only engaging for users, but more importantly, transforming. When a workout pushes someone beyond what they believed was possible physically, that is one thing, but when a workout inspires them to keep coming back, their health improves, energy increases, minds become stronger, and the true magic of the TANK is realized.

As the comments, photos, videos, and transformation stories kept flooding in, Torque knew they had to keep the magic alive. The TANK M2 was good, but they were driven to take the TANK to great. Thanks to consumer feedback, testing, innovation and engineering, the next evolution of the All Surface Sled, the TANK M4 has been born and the upgraded TANK is ready to hit training centers across the world.


The all new TANK M4 will come standard with dual brakes, Performance Handles, and an accessory tray for convenient storage on the move.

So, what sets the TANK M4 apart from the M2? First, the all-new M4 comes with a double braking system. Using Torque’s Mag-Force Resistance™, both sides of the M4 have a lever that controls the resistance, but true to Mag-Force Resistance,™ the faster you push it, the harder it gets. What is the benefit of having a brake on both sides of the TANK, as opposed to just one you ask? Two words: no weight. As opposed to the M2, which required a minimum of 270 lbs, the M4 requires zero added plates for the majority of movements, making group training and maneuvering much more seamless and efficient. The double braking system will also allow for more efficient group training due to the fact that each end has its own resistance lever, allowing each person to set their level of difficulty and go, without having to change their partner’s.

TANK M4 Accessory Tray

Dual brakes make group training more efficient and the standard accessory storage tray gives the various TANK attachments and accessories a home.

The all-new M4 will come standard with Torque's ergonomic Performance Handles, an accessory tray for easy storage of training accessories on the go, upgraded graphics, and will have optional weight horns for serious performance training athletes who which to use the TANK for intense towing exercises.

Mark Wahlberg's trainer, Brain x was one of the first to get the latest model. Brian has been using the M4 to get Wahlberg ready for a new movie, and to take his fitness to the next level. If you're up early enough on any given day, you can usually catch Mark and his team out on his basketball court with the TANK, getting his intense training for the day done in what they call the “4 am Club”, or #TankTime, and documenting all of it on Mark’s Instagram.

On Wahlberg's training, Brian says, "I love training Mark on the TANK because it is truly an intense full-body workout. The TANK blasts your heart rate like nothing else. We can take his workout anywhere, indoor or outdoor, and while it is a super hard workout, we absolutely love it."

On the commercial fitness side, the TANK has won over club owners and operators like Pat Regan, VP of Procurement for Lifetime Fitness, who says "I can't think of one facility that would not benefit from an All Surface Sled. In its own name, it says it all. No matter what a facility is dealing with from a flooring standpoint; whether its wood, Mondo, grass outside, the thing works flawlessly. Our trainers use the TANK outdoors as a tool to rapidly engage multiple people. It's a total body exercise."

The TANK M2 will remain for sale and will be a great option for the more price sensitive consumer, while the new M4 will be an upgraded option suited for most commercial settings. Torque is actively working on expanding the All Surface Sled category to create a full fleet of TANKs that range in size, difficulty, handle options, attachments, accessories, and storage solutions.

To get a glimpse into the world of TANK training, follow us on Instagram at @torque.fitness and be sure to join the TANK Community Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/thetankcommunity/