Why the Pros Train with TANK
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Why the Pros Train with TANK


Meet TANK, the first and only All Surface Sled designed for ultimate team and group training. TANK goes portable to any surface, blows up workouts in 1/10 the time of cardio, crushes boredom, trains up to six people at once, and can help rehab athletes and prevent injuries.

Something that resists the athlete’s effort to accelerate and run faster is an exercise technology that has never existed before. Training with TANK provides a full body workout while increasing speed, acceleration, and explosive power. The faster athletes push TANK, the harder it gets.

Rain or shine, the Pittsburgh Steeler’s incorporate TANK into their program and can train up to 6 athletes at a time with a single TANK.


From elite athletes to senior citizens, TANK’s variable magnetic braking technology allows any level of user to train at their level. These are some of the reasons that TANK is an ideal fit for coaches that want to create a championship caliber team, club owners that want to increase membership with an exciting product, personal trainers who want a product with endless personalized training potential, and any athlete who wants to take their game to the next level.

Because of its versatility and applicability, TANK is used across the board with innovators and professionals from celebrity trainers to pro athletic teams, including:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Tennessee Titans
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Indiana Pacers
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Minnesota Timberwolves
  • New York Yankees
  • Minnesota Twins


TANK’s ability to engage the entire body in a unique way that is ideal for athletics is one of the reasons the Pittsburgh Steelers have 5 TANKS. They realized that athletes need full-body movements in training that can mimic the full-body movements they need in the game.


When injury does occur, TANK is a powerful tool that can help trainers heal their players effectively. Using different levels of resistance, trainers can help athletes work their way back to a healthy body. Because TANK resists the user’s efforts to accelerate and push faster, athletes are able to build up strength slowly over time in a safe and manageable manner. The science of this resistance is represented by the “TANK Power Curve,” which is a simple lever that allows users to easily adjust resistance without changing weight. For rehabbing a knee injury, this is especially convenient, as athletes can build up from slow, rehabilitative movements, to full on high-intensity interval training as they progress over time.


When it comes to football, deceleration is considered one of the key training aspects to creating an all-star team. The ability to cut and quickly change directions can be the difference maker between who goes to the state championship or even the super bowl. The Pittsburgh Steeler’s trainers quickly discovered TANK’s use for deceleration training, and found it so important they now dedicate certain days of the week to TANK training. Up until now, training technology has only simulated deceleration on various stationary platforms, while TANK is the first piece of equipment that delivers real world deceleration training on the run. Nothing else comes close.

Just as athletes must handle any training or game condition, TANK performs on grass, artificial turf, synthetic rubber, carpet, wood flooring, and more.

I use the Torque TANK with my athletes on every phase of work: Speed, Power, Strength, Acceleration, and Deceleration- for both the lower body and upper body Pittsburgh Steeler’s Head Strength and Conditioning coach - Garrett Geimont.