John Carroll University

Custom X-Create Wall System

When determining the best functional fitness facility layout for John Carroll university, it was important to take into account the fitness floor layout and the role it would play for engaging students in the space.

It was important for them to have open space to allow for group functional training, HIIT workouts and whatever type of programming was needed. Spacing out fitness equipment is safer for a variety of reasons and is more aesthetically pleasing as well.

This X-Create Wall lining system moves storage to the edge of the room and creates ample space for group Functional Training. 


Some of the features of this X-Create:


With hardwood floors, a traditional friction prowler sled was out of the equation, making the TANK M4 the perfect versatile cardio piece for this facility.


Another benefit of the TANK M4? Users don't have to switch heavy weight plates around, but rather just flip the resistance lever to change the difficulty. This is ideal for group training settings and for university workout centers where there is a range of athlete levels.


Learn more about TANK here.

Functional Training Accessories

This X-Create System was finished off with commercial-grade Functional Training accessories that withstand wear and tear and daily usage.


View the Functional Training accessory package included in this system here.