SixPax Fitness

Torque X-Rack

SixPax Fitness chose the Torque X-Rack to be the anchor of their training facility. X-Rack provides the versatility needed for all of their unique training including: Cardio Kickboxing, Bootcamp, HIIT, Cross-Training, Yoga, TRX and Strength.

  • Custom X-Rack serves as the perfect functional and group training system
  • Incorporated heavy bags around the perimeter of the rack
  • Layout designed to accommodate a wide range of training type

Functionally Adaptable

SixPax Fitness needed the ability to mount all of their functional training and kickboxing accessories. X-Rack delivers by:

  • Heavy Bag mounts provide a solid structure to mount kickboxing bags.
  • Wall Ball Targets add versatility.
  • Pullup Bars serve as a solid TRX mounting point.
  • The Flying Pullup Bar adds a fun and unique strength challenge.