AssaultRower Elite


  • Solid steel frame construction
  • Sweat proof seat and adjustable footplates
  • Dual-stage chain and belt drive 
  • Commercial seat and steel footplates
  • 4-way leveling/stabilizer system
  • Limited carbon footprint and human powered
  • *Ships in 24 Business Hours
  • The AssaultRower Elite was engineered by athletes and trainers who know all about creating an intense and calorie-burning workout. Made with a solid steel frame, this innovative rower is the best on the market and highly durable.

    Built to last, the AssaultRower Elite is perfect for any commercial or home gym. When you look at the construction of the AssaultRower Elite, you will immediately notice it's powerful, dual-stage chain and belt drive, commercial seat, steel foot plates, and aluminum beam set. Maximum durability means taking your WODs to the next level for a stellar rowing experience.

    It all comes down to having a great workout. With the AssaultRower Elite, you will be able to do HIIT, cardio, and endurance training for a full-body rowing workout. Whether you are an elite athlete or a fitness enthusiast, the AssaultRower Elite will challenge you. Equipped with a multi-grip handle system, a sweat-proof seat, and adjustable footplates, the AssaultRower Elite will ensure a comfortable ride for all athletes.

    The brilliance of the AssaultRower Elite is that it is human powered and has a limited carbon footprint. With no electric plug-in and a convenient transport wheel, you can easily move the AssaultRower Elite around your box or open training space. With a 4-way leveling/stabilizer system, the AssaultRower Elite stays grounded for your daily AMRAPs and interval training.


    sku AS-AARWE
    WEIGHT 124.6 lb
    Dimensions 92.5" x 20.1" x 48.6" (235 cm x 51 cm x 123.4 cm)