4 X 10 Foot Siege Storage Combination Rack - X1 Package

    The 4 x 10 Foot Siege Storage Combination Rack combines a power cage, a half cage, and weight storage uprights into one piece of innovative equipment. The rack includes eight 11.5 inch-long, injection-molded, nylon-covered weight storage pegs so that you can store all the bumpers and plates you’ll need during your training session. This combined 4 x 10 foot half cage and power cage system is not required to be bolted to the floor and comes with several additional features, so that you can fully customize your workout. These features include two multi-grip crosses, two sets of bar catches, one set of bar supports, and one set of bar catch straps. If you are looking for a larger version of this equipment, check out the 24 x 10 Foot Siege Storage Combination Rack - X1 Package. All X-SIEGE systems are completely customizable. Contact us to custom design a solution for your needs! Available in 5 different colors: High Wear Black, High Wear Red, Blue, Orange, and Platinum. Available optional upright heights: 9 ft & 8 ft Main Options / Substitutions


Whether you are a new fitness facility or an existing club looking to re-layout your floor plan to accommodate a new training style, Torque's X-DESIGN Team process will help bring your vision to life.