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The Standard Olympic Bar Grip Plate Packages are a convenient way to make sure you have the right amount of weight and bars for each station on an X-RACK or for an individual X-CAGE. Each package includes a standard Olympic bar, black rubber grip plates, and a pair of spring collars. The GPSPI-15KG includes our O6B 15kg Standard Olympic Bar and the GPSPI-20KG includes our O7B 20kg Standard Olympic Bar.

Complete package includes:

  • 1 Standard Olympic Bar - 15KG or 20KG
  • 2 GPRTS-1.25KG Grip Plates
  • 2 GPRTS-2.5KG Grip Plates
  • 2 GPRTS-5KG Grip Plates
  • 2 GPRTS-10KG Grip Plates
  • 2 GPRTS-15KG Grip Plates
  • 2 GPRTS-20KG Grip Plates
  • 2 GPRTS-25KG Grip Plates
  • 2 SC2 X-SERIES Spring Collars
See individual accessories to learn more about each item.


Weight 157.5 Kg of weights
Warranty Limited Warranty: Lifetime on bars\, 1 year on 5-25 kg bumpers\, 90 days on 1.25-2 kg plates
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