Oceanfoam Foam Roller


    In collaboration with Torque, Oceanfoam crafts top-notch, environmentally conscious foam rollers and athletic equipment. Their dedication to utilizing bio-based and recycled materials is a testament to their commitment to crafting a healthier planet. No matter if your day involves strenuous work or intense workouts, reward yourself with our Tidal Roller. This premium, full-sized roller boasts a distinctive wave pattern designed to deliver a soft yet effective massage to your entire body.

    Through our partnership, every Oceanfoam item produced is a step toward environmental healing. Throughout the entire journey from raw material to finished product, we ensure that we are purifying water and air. To be precise, we provide a restoration of 26.2 gallons of water back to the Earth's ecosystems and cleanse 75.1 grams of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during production. Each Oceanfoam Foam Roller contains 15% Bloom Algae Foam, which not only purifies water to benefit aquatic habitats but also captures CO2 emissions.