Sissy Squat & Floor Glute Ham Developer

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    The Torque Sissy Squat & Floor Glute Ham Developer is an exercise machine designed to strengthen the legs and glutes through the dual functions of sissy squats and floor glute ham raises. The safety pad for the sissy squat doubles as a platform for floor glute ham exercises. Its calf pad is vertically adjustable to 5 different positions along with the foot roller pad featuring 7 adjustable positions to suit any of your exercise needs. The machine's knurled anodized aluminum spring pin knobs, durable high-density molded pads, and chrome-plated tubing and plates allow for smooth adjustments. For added convenience, the machine comes with two resistance band anchor points and optional floor anchoring locations. It is also portable and easy to move with its knurled handle and wheels. It's time to take leg day to the next level.