Stall Bar Dip Attachment


    Designed to perform dip exercises, this attachment will allow the user to target chest, triceps and shoulders. Users can grip the bars with their hands and lower their body between them to engage the targeted muscles. Adjustable positions allow each user to choose their desired height for dip exercises and get the most out of their workouts with this high-performance attachment.

    Engineered to attach to X-CREATE 4’ stall bars with a secure and sturdy mount, this attachment features 1/4" steel mounting brackets, 2” diameter angled handles for various grip widths, and a durable High Wear Black powder coat finish. The Polyurethane guards reduce noise and protect the textured grip powder coating during even the toughest workouts. The Stall Bar Dip Attachment is a useful tool with the ability to hold up to 300lbs.