Brace Yourself for TANK MX™
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Brace Yourself for TANK MX™

What’s smaller and lighter, yet works against you harder when pushing it than a souped up truck?

Tank MX Fitness Sled

Fitness Instructor Coach Brittany Falk with the all new TANK MX™.

Meet the biggest, baddest beast on the block. The all-new TANK MX™ is the next evolution of the All Surface Sled category. With all of the same great features of the TANK M4™, plus some major upgrades, TANK MX™ is engineered for serious athletes ready for a challenge.

Tank MX Weight Sled Group Shot

The All Surface Sled category continues to grow with the original TANK M2™, TANK M4™, and the latest and most challenging from Torque Fitness, TANK MX™.

When Torque Fitness released the original All Surface Sled, the TANK M2™ in 2016, they didn’t just solve many of the major pitfalls of traditional weight sleds and prowlers, they created a one of a kind training tool that would quickly gain a major fan base. The TANK was not just a fitness sled with wheels that took your workout anywhere and an engineered braking system that increased the sled's difficulty the faster you pushed it, there had never been anything like it, and people wanted more.

Torque immediately went to work on improving the TANK M2™. Thanks to consumer feedback, testing, innovation and engineering, Torque release the TANK M4™ which debuted with a double braking system. As opposed to the M2, which required a minimum of 270 lbs, the M4 requires zero added plates for most movements, which made group training and maneuvering much more seamless and efficient. The double braking system also allows for more efficient group training due to the fact that each end has its own resistance lever, allowing each person to set their level of difficulty and go, without having to change their partner’s.

The M4 was a smash hit but Torque Fitness doesn’t quit and the challenge to make the next greatest piece of training equipment was on. The Torque team began gathering data on the biggest pain points customers had with either the TANK™, fitness sleds, and fitness workout equipment in general and began designing what today is the TANK MX™.

Tank MX Push Sled Workout Demonstration

While the TANK MX™ solves many pain points for gym owners and users (we’ll get into that later), believe it or not, the TANK MX™ is the most challenging TANK™ to hit the market yet. 25% harder that is. Many top athletes and strongmen loved the TANK™ but wanted even more of a challenge, so Torque’s engineering team came up with an additional braking system that can be engaged for even more pain. This new brake is called MX Mode™ and can add up to 25% even more resistance than what is available on the TANK M4™. If you thought the TANK M4™ was hard, brace yourself for the TANK MX™.

Tank MX Resistance Demonstration

Users can easily engage the MX Mode™, located next to the original brake, for even more resistance

Beyond the added challenge of MX Mode™, Torque solved some major woes with the latest model, one of the biggest being storage. Many clubs love incorporating sleds but aren’t sure where or how to store them, let alone multiple sleds. To solve this, Torque created the MX™ with handles that are easily removed by simply lifting the handles vertically, without tools, and then store seamlessly in the center of the TANK™. Torque also creates a ‘Stacking Kit’ that allows users to stack up to 3 sleds on top of each other to be easily rolled away and stored in a compact manner, saving valuable floor space between workout sessions.

Mike Harris Demonstrating Tank MX Stacked Storage

Former NFL Offensive Lineman Mike Harris rolls away two stacked TANK MX™ to storage.

The TANK MX™ also offers a variety of new training possibilities. With 5 touch points, users can push, pull tow, and more in more ways than ever. The MX™ has completely redesigned handles with two handles, one higher set which offers an ergonomic traditional sled push point as well as a new, lower set that allows users to get in a lower position to mix up their training.

Tank MX Push Sled Lower Handle Position

The MX™ has a brand-new, lower handle position that allows users to perform movements in a lower position.

Torque also designed a 3-position hoop bar which provides multiple user-friendly features including a high position that can be used for attaching a tow strap, and provides an alternative low-height push position, a mid-position which provides ergonomic grip points for lifting and MX, and finally a low position saves space when stacking and storing.

Tank MX Push Sled Hoop AttachmentThe new hoop bar has a convenient attachment point for accessories that can be easily attached and removed.

Finally, the TANK MX™ comes with a bold new look with a striking silver body, larger tires, and vibrant graphics that will inspire users to test themselves against its mean braking system.

Introducing the Tank MX, the newest member of the all surface sled category.

The TANK MX™ is available for pre-order now on Torque’s website. Are you strong enough for TANK MX™? There’s only one way to find out….

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