Our Mission

We are an Experienced Team of
Strength and Conditioning Equipment Specialists

Mission Statements

Torque’s mission and vision is that every fitness facility will be equipped with the most innovative, intuitive, and safest training equipment possible. Torque will achieve this by listening to elite trainers and coaches, being the innovation leader in product and space design, being a team that understand and meets the needs of our customers, and by providing a service that exceeds expectations.

Our Story

Torque started in 2005 as a group of entrepreneurs, engineers, and fitness enthusiasts, who had a vision for a company that created the most innovative functional training equipment available. As one of the first to create group circuit training equipment, Torque’s heritage is grounded in functional fitness. Fast forward over a decade later, Torque continues to strike a balance between evolving with the ever-changing fitness world, while staying true to who they are – innovators of functional fitness. 

Don't Quit. Ever.

We believe in the potential in every person we encounter and have a relentless desire to help our end users, direct customers, distributors, and team members achieve their dreams, inspired by our 'Don’t Quit. Ever.’ Attitude.