Adapting to a Unique Training Environment.

As the Steelers approached 2020 training camp, it was clear that it would be a year like none other. Amidst COVID-19, the the franchise enlisted Torque Fitness to design and outfit a new training center that would allow the team to train safely and effectively outdoors. Torque's X-Design team was took the concept for the athletic performance center and made it a reality.

Max Conditioning With TANK MX.

Nothing beats the TANK sled for conditioning and the Steelers training facility was equipped with multiple units to allow for serious group training on rubber, turf, concrete, or anywhere they needed to take their training. Checkout the TANK MX, the newest model featured in this showcase.

Heavy Duty Racks. Perfect for Pro Training.

For the strength training needs of the Steelers, Torque outfitted their training center with our 4 x 4 Foot Siege Storage Cable Racks. Perfect for both foundational powerlifting exercises, as well as functional training.

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4x4 Foot Siege Storage Cable Rack