Choose from X-RACK, X-SIEGE or Cages for the perfect lifting solution for any space. We offer pre-configured or completely customized systems to fit your needs.


Designed for Group Weight Training With Functional Fitness Capabilities

-Both Olympic Lifting & Cable Stations

-Weight & Accessory Storage

-Customizable Space Efficient Design

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Designed for Group Weight Training in a Free-Standing System

-Both Olympic Lifting & Cable Stations

-Weight & Accessory Storage

-Customizable Space Efficient Design

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Designed for Single-Station or Multi-Station Weight Training

-Arsenal, Armament, Half & Power Cage Options

-Weight & Accessory Storage

-Customizable Space Efficient Design

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Our rigs & racks work perfectly in a variety of facilities.
Performance Training


We offer a unique collection of attachments designed to work seamlessly with our rigs and racks. From storage to crossmembers and even cables, our attachments are crafted to fit your needs and elevate the whole training experience.


Using your ideas as inspiration, our designers will draw on their expertise to design an effective layout within the physical parameters of your gym space. As your partner, we will provide guidance at every stage of the process to help you develop a user-friendly floor plan that utilizes your space efficiently, flows naturally and incorporates the custom equipment you’ve always envisioned.


We need to know three things:
1. The average number of people you expect to work out at your gym at a given time
2. The types of exercise you envision your members doing
3. The dimensions of your workout space


An architectural compliance sketch is the best way to share the exact measurements of your space with us. If you don’t have access to one, you can send in a blueprint, a floor plan, written measurements or even a doodle.



Once you receive a 2D mockup, it’s time to refine your design. This is a “rough draft” stage and is the perfect time to address all your ideas and questions so our team meets your needs.


Using your input from the 2D mockup, our designers will use industry-leading software to create a 3D rendering of your gym. This final layout is meant to look as realistic as possible so you can truly envision how your gym will look and feel. Once you are satisfied with the proposed facility floor plan, we will proceed.



After you settle on a 3D concept, we’ll send you the design and a list of the proposed products and their price points. We always stick to your set budget and only include products in your design that match your concept.


Reach out to our team to learn more or ask questions about our product list. With our exceptionally fast turnaround, we can deliver selected products and you can implement your design scheme in under two weeks.

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