24 X 4 Foot Siege Storage Rack - X1 Package


    The 24 x 4 Foot Siege Storage Rack X1 Package takes three of our 4 x 4 Siege Storage Racks and combines them with our 6-foot rectangular crosses (equipped with rock climbing kits) to create this lifting monstrosity for your sports team. Ideal for any weight room, this 24 x 4 foot double sided half cage system includes twenty four 11.5 inch-long, injection-molded, nylon-covered weight storage pegs, which provide storage for all the bumpers and plates you need.

    For your ease, this equipment is not required to be bolted to the floor. Comes with six multi-grip crosses, six sets of bar supports, and bar catches. All X-SIEGE systems can be customized to fit your needs. Contact us to design your strength training solution!



Whether you are a new fitness facility or an existing club looking to re-layout your floor plan to accommodate a new training style, Torque's X-DESIGN Team process will help bring your vision to life.